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Kuklovod - The Puppeteer

 We would like to introduce a new project by Alex Amirian (AlexExtreme), a feature film “Kuklovod”. The project is international and doesn’t have any analogous work to it by its extent of philosophical thought and richness of plot. The main actors are Russian and American. The feature film is being produced from the script written by Alex Amirian.The producer’s goal in this film is to try to show the life of newcomers in USA by means of his main characters. The viewer will see the difficulties an immigrant faces with when he/she is in a foreign land. Characters of this action-drama meet various people, who change the character’s world outlook to both good and bad. The eternal dilemma of choice is also present; when the characters have to choose whether to pass through the difficult bed of thorns and overcome, or to choose an easy way and enjoy the sweet life. But one doesn’t always have a choice in life. There are some conditions when fate decides destiny. This is what happens to the main characters, who become the hostages of circumstances. Read More...

Give me a Family

Give me a Family is like a breath of fresh air about international adoption in our busy world. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you a new documentary film produced by Alex Amirian. TV and news journalists tell us about the policies of some countries and adoption laws banning the adoption of children by Americans, at the same time, millions of orphan children wait with the hope and dream of experiencing a childs simple happiness of being loved by a family. Ask anyone if they think its easy to raise a child in our times, and how about when you have six children? Yes, the Hills family never gave too much thought about the difficulties and problems that might come their way because Daniel and Michelle are believers in God. Read More...

"Silence of the Mountains"

In January of 2008, an international MMA championship between Russian and U.S. fighters took place.   Alex Amirian promoted the American team.   After the fights, one of the organizers of the championship, Ivan Nikolaev, invited Alex and two members of the American team, John Eric Friedland and Michael Gerij, for a tour across Kabardino-Balkaria.  The guests  were amazed by the beauty of Elbrus Mountain and hospitality of the native Balkarians. Read More...

"Wind of Change"

The documentary film "Wind of hope" is a film about a boy named Babak. Babak was born with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Struggling with diseases, Babak saw various doctors and healers. However, drugs offered by conventional medicine helped to improve his condition but did not cure him. One day Babak's older brother, Amir, took him to a night club "Forum" for a show of Extreme Yoga performed by Alex Amirian. Read More...

"Philosophy of the Pain"

God gives us the most precious gift, life! And how we are using this gift is entirely up to us. One can live a bright life, have a dream and move towards the goal overcoming obstacles and hardships on the path, or can simply exist, passively following ordinary routine. The choice is always ours.
Welcome to my world!

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